My headlight beam points down to the ground when driving?

Inside your lamp there is a small black connector with 3 wires going to it. These break over time due to the lamp moving side to side (adaptive). When stationery your light beam should auto-level and point forward, but when driving it moves down to the ground again. If this sounds like your problem, you need the black Adaptive wire repair kit.

Do I need specialist tools to do this job?

A basic long reach pick and hook tool off ebay will help.

Will I need to have the “Headlight malfunction” error code on the dash reset?

No. Once installed correctly it will not show on the dash again.

When stationery it does not auto-level but stays pointing to the floor?

Visually check the wires and ensure to unplug and wiggle the wires to both adaptive and beam distribution connectors. The wires snap inside the connector head so a clear break is not always noticeable while plugged in.

My headlight just points forward and my dip to full beam does not work?

The larger white plug in your headlight with 3 wires gets pulled out. This controls the beam pattern and auto level (distribution) of your headlight. If a wire is loose or broken you need the white Auto-Level beam distribution repair kit.