Installation Guide

1) Open bonnet and undo the 2 torx bolts highlighted below, undo the large black connector underneath the lamp

2) Remove the largest rubber cover then unplug the silver connector from the bulb. Inside there is a plastic securing collar. Push this down to release the bulb. Remove bulb to gain access to wiring.

3) This is the wire we will be replacing. It has a small push clip on the top. Push the centre top edge down and gently wiggle & pull it back.

4) Inspect the wire but be careful not to pull them all out. You need to either cut and crimp 1 at a time or mark up the order in which they go in to the connector. When cutting wire 1 ensure to crimp it to the same wire on the new loom. DO NOT CROSS THESE OVER.

5) With the grey wire from the headlamp you must fold back the exposed copper core (example below). This way when you insert the grey lamp wire into the crimp it touches the metal casing and ensures a stronger connection.

6) Now slide the exposed folded copper core wire into the red crimp and squeeze shut with some flat head pliers.

7) Plug new connector back in. Once in fit the bulb and twist the black securing collar up. Its advisable to try and get the crimps tucked just at the bottom of the bulb as not to block the side to side movement. 1st image below is a good location for crimps to sit, 2nd image causes bulb to push crimps against lamp housing when moving so not ideal.

7) Finally fit the rubber cover to the rear of the lamp then refit lamp to the car.